Tuesday, March 3, 2009

iPlotz Advanced Search

I worked on this as well over the week in iPlotz. That is a VERY useful tool. I think my only problem with it would be the rendering time. It's a little slow on the drag and drop and opening of windows. This could also be my laptop since I haven't tried it on any other computers. Anyways, I think it looks much better than the terrible photoshop I did of the other one. It's cleaner which is nice. I did also change the Last Updated section based on the option they had in iPlotz.
Again, don't forget to comment! Thanks!


mark vernon said...

thanks for the mention.

You can always try the iPlotz Desktop version if the online side is a little slow. We haven't integrated fully with the online version yet but for quick mockups like the one you did, it's fine..

Erin S. said...

What is the difference between the online and desktop versions?

pongers said...

The difference between the online and desktop versions is not very much. I downloaded a trial version of the desktop version and it is nice to use, only the trial version asks you to purchase or continue every 5 minutes. I'm not sure how many features are different, since I only used a couple of them, but the web version does take a bit of time to render each movement and so it can appear to be slow. Otherwise, both are seem similar to me.