Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Team Reviews

Okay, so I've been instructed to review my team. Honestly I have no problems with my team, I think that they're a stellar group of people. My issue is with myself. I feel like I'm dragging down the team despite them saying that I'm not. So I don't know how to evaluate myself. Sure I havent done any coding, but I like to think that i contribute in other ways like in design meetings and write-ups. The reason I have not done any coding is simply because I don't feel as comfortable programming in Java as I do in C. And since my team-mates are Java pros, why not let them write it? I'm not trying to be lazy. I just wouldn't want to get in the way. So I worked on testing. I'm good at testing. I'm good at finding bugs and crashing code. I suppose I'm mostly scared that the rest of my team will think that I'm not doing enough even though I think I'm doing everything I can. *sigh*. This is more stress then I'd like right now.

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